China’s oil market is on the threshold of a new era characterized by the integration of the refining and chemical sectors, greater competition and more challenges.

Two large refining-chemical projects came on line in 2019 and more are on the way, while existing refiners are planning to boost refining-chemical integration to position themselves better in increasingly tense competition. Despite the removal of small and outdated refiners, the country’s refining capacity will keep growing, and China will depend more on crude from the Middle East, Africa and Russia to ensure its energy safety amid a protracted trade war between the US and China.

In the meantime, as rising production and gradual market liberalization continues to intensify domestic competition, Chinese refiners will have to export more refined oil.

The country is also faced with an inevitable switch from heavy dependence on import for bonded bunker fuel to the production of low-sulfur fuel, because of the IMO’s 2020 sulfur cap.

The market is starting to see drastic changes and it has to evolve a new way of development to rise to the challenges of the new era. Meanwhile, what opportunities will this era of changes and reforms bring?

You are welcome to find out about all this with JLC at its Oil and LPG Forum in Abu Dhabi!

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JLC Oil and LPG Forum


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Welcome Remarks: Crystal Yeo, Sales Director, JLC Global

Refining Oil Session:

Integration of refining and chemical as new way of development Crude imports and refined oil exports both on the rise More opportunities for Sino-foreign cooperation amid gradual market liberalization

Speaker: Amanda Zhao, General Manager, JLC Global


Q & A

Bunker Fuel Session:

Imminent use of LS bunker fuel in China China’s progress in LS bunker fuel supply Prospects for China’s bonded bunker market

Speaker: Maggie Han, Senior Analyst, JLC Beijing


Q & A


Coffee Break & Network

LPG Session:

China sees more changes in LPG supply and consumption in 2030 Ethylene projects to become new LPG demand driver China’s LPG imports and prospects

Speaker: Wu Guodong, Senior Analyst, JLC Shandong


Q & A

Feeding the Dragon Session

Dealing with global geopolitics to sustain oil imports into China Impact of China on the volatility of crude & shipping rates How does Chinese refinery maintenance impact Middle-Eastern exports Clearing the transparency curtain on Chinese storage data

Speaker: Capt. Ranjith, Senior Analyst, Refinitiv


Q & A


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