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JLC China Bunker Oil Market Monthly Report (Sample)

According to statistics of the Ministry of Transport, December saw 1,028 million mt cargoes throughputs at China ports above designated scale, down 2.4 percentage points MoM, among which tho

4-16-2018 12:11:12

JLC China Blended Oil Market Weekly Report (Sample)

In the week ended March 22, 2018, fundamentals were still dominant factors in the blended gasoline and diesel market, although the upward international crude futures price boosted the

4-16-2018 11:56:19

JLC China Fuel Oil Market Monthly (Sample)

According to the General Administration of Customs of the PRC, China's fuel oil imports in December 2017 reached 1,330,200 mt, up 24.40% month on month. Fuel oil import increase in Decembe

4-16-2018 11:48:12

JLC China Crude Market Monthly Report (Sample)

International crude prices declined in February, largely because of concerns about increasing supply from the US.

4-11-2018 16:53:35

JLC China C5C9 Market Monthly Report (Sample)

Data from General Administration of Customs of the PRC showed that isoprene exports in January-June settled at 16,000 mt, down 12.53% year on year and isoprene exports in June went down 41.7

4-11-2018 16:50:50

JLC China Oil Product Market Monthly Report (Sample)

China raised fuel prices twice in January and domestic gasoline and diesel prices climbed.

4-11-2018 16:49:35

JLC China C5C9 Market Weekly Report (Sample)

China C5C9 market was boosted by higher gasoline and diesel prices amid bullish international crude futures market. Cracking feedstock C5 price mainly remained stable, with sporadic rises in

4-11-2018 16:45:25

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