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Smuggled oil makes continued impact on coastal markets

Smuggled refined oil, mostly diesel, keeps arriving in China and making negative impacts on coastal refined oil markets, as demand for smuggled products remains amid relatively low prices.

3-26-2019 15:44:36

More Asian toluene to be delivered to US Gulf in April

More toluene is estimated to be delivered from Asia to the U.S. Gulf in April 2019, with the open arbitrage window and the fire in Deer Park, Texas considered, according to JLC.

3-26-2019 14:48:36

China's olefin deep processing profits diverge

China’s olefin deep-processing profits diverged among different units in the week over March 15-21, 2019. Alkylation profits continued increasing, but isomerization profits saw severe loss

3-26-2019 11:48:56

Methanol run rate stays high despite unit maintenance

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--Run rates in China methanol industry remained at high levels of 70%-73% since early 2019 despite pro-environment inspections, load reduction and unit failures

3-26-2019 11:28:21

China's PDH profits fall in Q1 2019

China's propane dehydrogenation (PDH) profits averaged CNY1,640/mt in the first quarter of 2019 (Q1 2019), down 13.13% from the previous quarter

3-26-2019 10:51:25

PET products’ profits rise in 2019

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--​Profits of related products in PET market improved this year amid price gains and improved demand.

3-26-2019 10:11:40

Shanghai section bar market remains weak amid high inventory

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--​Shanghai section bar market was lackluster recently mainly due to high inventory as well as weak demand and low profits.

3-26-2019 08:37:54

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