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Shandong refinery run rates largely stable

Shandong-based independent refiners’ operating rates were largely stable this week when there was no restart or shutdown of crude distillation units.

1-18-2019 13:52:02

Crude stocks in Shandong rally on more cargo unloading

The commercial crude stocks at Shandong ports rallied this week, because of more cargo unloading, JLC data shows.

1-18-2019 13:45:25

JLC receives a thank-you letter from NDRC

Beijing (JLC), January 18, 2019--JLC Network Technology Co., Ltd (JLC) has offered good advise to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), helping boost the oil and gas pricing

1-18-2019 09:35:35

MA import buoyant amid restocking

Beijing (JLC), January 17, 2019--Mixed aromatics (MA) sold well recently thanks to the rebounding international crude oil futures prices and China’s climbing gasoline prices.

1-17-2019 18:08:35

2019 China PE unit maintenance plans

The total capacity of PE units to undertake maintenance in 2019 will reach 3.63 million mt/yr, and the production losses will total around 0.5299 million mt.

1-17-2019 17:59:33

China PP capacity may increase by 6.05 million mt/yr in 2019

China PP capacity may increase by 6.05 million mt/yr in 2019

1-17-2019 17:52:43

2019 China PP unit maintenance plans

Most domestic PP unit will be shut down for maintenance in the second quarter of 2019, with capacity of 3.55 million mt/yr in total.

1-17-2019 17:43:25

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