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2019 China PE unit maintenance plans

The total capacity of PE units to undertake maintenance in 2019 will reach 3.63 million mt/yr, and the production losses will total around 0.5299 million mt.

1-17-2019 17:59:33

China PP capacity may increase by 6.05 million mt/yr in 2019

China PP capacity may increase by 6.05 million mt/yr in 2019

1-17-2019 17:52:43

2019 China PP unit maintenance plans

Most domestic PP unit will be shut down for maintenance in the second quarter of 2019, with capacity of 3.55 million mt/yr in total.

1-17-2019 17:43:25

DME prices to fall on oversupply

Beijing (JLC), January 17, 2019--Dimethyl ether prices are likely to move down in the short run, due to weak demand and rising supply.

1-17-2019 17:28:16

China PVC price to inch down in Q1 2019

Shandong (JLC), January 17, 2019--Recently, China PVC plants’ overall operating rate inched up, and China PVC price decreased slightly. The price was expected to inch down in the first qua

1-17-2019 16:03:45

China to continue ensure coal supply-demand balance in 2019

Sino-U.S. trade friction will dampen upstream energy markets such as the coal market in 2019.

1-17-2019 15:15:57

China methanol to gasoline (MTG) project list, 2018

According to JLC, at present, the total capacity of China MTG read 1.63 million mt/yr. Thereinto, the MTG capacity rose by 400,000 mt/yr in 2016.

1-17-2019 15:09:11

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