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INE crude drops on demand concerns

Guangzhou (JLC), January 22, 2020--The price of crude futures on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) slipped on Wednesday, because of concerns about slowing growth in crude dema

1-22-2020 19:00:56

Shandong refinery run rates drop on bad margins

Guangzhou (JLC), January 22, 2020--Shandong-based independent refiners’ refinery operating rates declined further this week, as refining margins were still bad and a certain refiner shut m

1-22-2020 18:18:48

China to refund VAT on fuel oil supplied to intl. ships

Guangzhou (JLC), January 22, 2020--China will refund the value-added tax (VAT) on fuel oil supplied to international ships at Chinese ports as from February 1, 2020, according to an official

1-22-2020 18:14:36

Asian MX market review in 2019

Shandong (JLC), January 22, 2020--​Asian MX prices fluctuated in 2019 affected by changes in fundamentals as well as crude futures market.

1-22-2020 16:23:36

PVC prices to pick up

PVC prices might increase after the Lunar New Year holiday as the accumulated inventory during the holiday was expected to be lower than last year.

1-22-2020 15:47:19

China PP powder unit production status currently

China PP powder unit production status currently

1-22-2020 15:43:28

EVA unit maintenance and capacity expansion

China EVA capacity was 0.972 million mt/year in 2019, and the main producers were Beijing Organic, BASF-YPC, Levima Advanced Materials, Formosa Industries (Ningbo), Sinopec Beijing Yanshan C

1-22-2020 15:23:43

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