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China PP output in Mar, 2018

China PP output totaled 1.6448 million mt in March 2018. Thereinto, the oil-based PP output was 1.0815 million mt; the coal-based PP output was 0.4236 million mt; the PDH-based PP was 0.1397

4-19-2018 18:16:36

Review on China Q1 EVA market

In January, EXW prices of domestic EVA decreased by CNY200-700/mt amid higher feedstock price, and import prices increased by $5-60/mt generally. As to the demand, the end-users’ demand co

4-19-2018 18:12:43

Preliminary ruling of China’s anti-dumping investigation on imported halobutyl rubber

It was decided that China would implement anti-dumping measures in the form of security deposits on imported halobutyl rubber originating in United States, European Union and Singapore.

4-19-2018 18:08:39

China toluene prices drop in Q1 amid bearish factors

Domestic toluene price tracked a downtrend as a whole in the first quarter of 2018 due to slack demand, consumption tax reform on refined products and Sino-US trade war.

4-19-2018 17:37:42

Teapots’ crude refining margins mixed despite stronger products

Chinese independent refiners’ refining margins for Shengli crude and Oman crude dropped modestly this week as feedstock costs gained more than product prices, but the margins for light mar

4-19-2018 17:35:33

Calcium carbide market review in Q1, forecast for Q2 2018

China calcium carbide price rose after falling in the first quarter of 2018, but it was likely to drop in the second quarter in the absence of bullish factors.

4-19-2018 17:29:26

PTA price to see small rebound

PTA price is likely to eye a small rebound in the short run, buoyed by low PTA inventory and expectations of unit maintenance.

4-19-2018 17:12:05

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