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CNPC Daqing ensures supply of low-pour diesel in winter

As of December 10, CNPC Daqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has produced a total of 138,900 mt of -35 pour diesel, which guarantees the demand for diesel in winter in the cold regions of Northeas

12-18-2018 18:01:24

2-EH market remains slack on sluggish demand

Shandong(JLC), December 18, 2018--​China 2-ethyl hexanol (2-EH) market was engulfed in pessimism sentiment due to weak support from cost side and subdued demand, and trading prices kept fa

12-18-2018 17:41:01

LNG prices down on weak demand

Beijing (JLC), December 18, 2018--LNG prices declined as downstream demand fell sharply with the temperature recovering, and they dwindled further because Huanggang liquefaction plant resume

12-18-2018 17:35:48

South China MX prices drop amid bearish factors

Shandong(JLC), December 18, 2018--​South China MX prices fell again to CNY5,200-5,300/mt ($753.07/mt-$767.56/mt) on December 13 due to sales pressure of petrochemical companies, oversupply

12-18-2018 17:35:13

Asia-US MX arbitrage window opens

Shandong(JLC), December 18, 2018-- ​The arbitrage window between the US and Asia opened again in mid-December as the US MX prices dived.

12-18-2018 17:32:36

Commercial gasoline and diesel inventory moves up

Beijing (JLC), December 18, 2018--As of December 15, commercial gasoline and diesel inventory held by wholesalers across China totaled around 689,800 cbm, a rise of 16,000 cbm or 2.37% from

12-18-2018 17:24:37

Alibaba build rubber online trading platform with Thailand

Alibaba build rubber online trading platform with Thailand

12-18-2018 17:13:10

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