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China PP market focuses in March

PP market is predicted to be bullish in March along with the falling inventories, rising buying interest and rebounded long-standing material demand.

2-22-2019 18:51:11

Blended oil prices rise

Beijing (JLC), February 22, 2019--China domestic blended oil prices grew in the week ending February 21, 2019.

2-22-2019 17:52:27

Factors for rising propylene price failing to boost PP market

Market prices of China propylene decreased by around CNY400/mt over the Spring Festival holiday period (Feb 4-Feb10). After the holiday, the operating rates in downstream companies increased

2-22-2019 17:39:31

China's butane prices largely firm

Domestic butane prices saw a firm trend overall inthe week over February 15-21

2-22-2019 17:32:56

China LPG market shows WoW uptrend

China domestic LPG market showed an uptrend overall in the week over February 15-21, JLC data shows

2-22-2019 17:29:07

PE market price hits a new low on high inventories

The high inventory weakened China PE market after the Spring Festival holiday (Feb 4-Feb 10).

2-22-2019 17:27:39

China independents may slow fuel oil imports as stocks rise, margins fall

Fuel oil imports for China's independent refineries are likely to slow in March as stocks have swelled after more imports, while blending losses of bunker oil are widening in South China, ac

2-22-2019 16:29:55

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