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China butadiene imports eye large declines in 2018

Shandong (JLC), January 21, 2019--​China butadiene imports totaled 283,500 mt over Jan-Nov 2018, down 42,300 mt year-on-year and down 12.98% month-on-month.

1-21-2019 16:49:52

Natural rubber: looking at the supply pressure from the planting areas

According to the data released by ANRPC, during January-October 2018, the output of natural rubber rose to 9.6389 million mt, up 0.26% YoY, with the increase range narrowing. However, market

1-18-2019 14:00:38

Rubber prices rebound in early January amid bullish factors (Part 1)

In the beginning of 2019, natural rubber price increased amid bullish policies. However, the inventory of natural rubber was still at a high level in China, and the demand was weak. Therefor

1-17-2019 14:51:50

Methanol fuel: 7 refilling stations in Xi’an come in operation (Part II)

Shandong (JLC), January 17, 2019--With 60 methanol-fueled taxis coming in operation in Xi’an recently, 7 methanol fuel refilling stations also opened officially. Besides, there are 8 more

1-17-2019 14:44:36

2018 JLC China rubber industry annual conference (10th session)

2018 JLC China rubber industry annual conference (10th session) opened in Ningbo on January 16, 2019. Rubber producers, traders, downstream buyers and insiders from logistics, futures and th

1-17-2019 14:28:24

Polybutadiene units status summary in H2 2018

The operating rate of polybutadiene producers increased during the second half of 2018. In November, the monthly run rate exceeded 60%, hitting the new high in 2018.

1-17-2019 14:09:31

Tire market review in 2018 (Part II)

In the third quarter, tire downstream demand continued to undergo weakness. In the fourth quarter, the impact on tire plants' operation from pro-environment policies and so on weakened, but

1-16-2019 14:47:19

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