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Hengli brings changes in polyester industrial chain

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--​Hengli Petrochemical (Hengli)'s full production chain will bring various changes in China's polyester industrial chain, including surges in PX supply, fall

3-26-2019 17:32:05

N-butyl alcohol prices to inch up amid bullish factors

Shandong (JLC), March 22, 2019--N-butyl alcohol (NBA)prices might inch up in the short run, as NBA supply would decrease and the value-added tax (VAT) would be lower.

3-22-2019 10:41:35

PET products’ profits rise in 2019

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--​Profits of related products in PET market improved this year amid price gains and improved demand.

3-26-2019 10:11:40

PTA supply to tighten in Q2

The supply and demand pattern of PTA is predicted to reach a tight balance in the second quarter due to the tightened supply caused by unit maintenance and the increased demand.

3-22-2019 17:26:37

DMC market to remain weak amid oversupply

Shandong (JLC), March 19, 2019--China DMC market is expected to remain weak due to oversupply as end users’ interest to purchase is flat.

3-19-2019 15:50:51

Propylene market remains in stalemate

Shandong (JLC), March 18, 2019--Propylene prices would vibrate in the short run amid low inventory, but downstream users were unwilling to enter the market.

3-18-2019 15:20:22

Ethanol margins are meager

Shandong (JLC), March 22, 2019--China ethanol margins were meager although ethanol prices rose in the first half of March.

3-22-2019 14:55:23

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