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Uncertainties to break China PE market stalemate

China PE market suffered a stalemate again in late March, but the following uncertainties may exert influences on market trend in the future and break the stalemate.

3-26-2019 17:40:30

Upstream and downstream factors lead to flat PP powder market

Recently, China PP powder price kept vibrating in a certain range, CNY8,100-8,400/mt, due to the influences from upstream and downstream market.

3-26-2019 17:29:37

Higher profits drive up operating rates of EVA units

In China, the rising profits of EVA plants drove up operating rates of EVA units recently.

3-26-2019 17:24:46

Rising capacity to depress PE market as demand growth slows

China’s PE market will be weighed on by rising production capacity as demand growth slows down.

3-22-2019 10:48:34

Tight supply caused by pro-environment factor to boost PE market

The unit shutdown caused by environmental protection supervision will help PE market price to rise by tightening PE supply.

3-21-2019 18:14:27

Reasons for slow decline in PE inventory

After the Spring Festival holiday (Feb 4-Feb 10), PE inventories stayed at high levels, exerting much pressure on PE market. The reasons were as follows.

3-21-2019 17:55:32

PP powder margins surge but prices to fall

Considering the declined propylene price, the profit from producing PP powder increased, but the powder price would decline.

3-21-2019 17:51:36

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