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Sinopec's March Shengli crude price gains 4.09%

Sinopec set its March Shengli crude price at yuan (CNY) 3,717.80/mt ($554.55/mt), a rise of CNY146.16/mt or 4.09% month on month, according to sources from independent refiners in Shandong.

3-26-2019 18:36:12

INE crude prices edge up amid mixed factors

The prices of SC crude futures on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) inched up on Tuesday, when the market found mixed factors.

3-26-2019 18:18:59

Alkylated gasoline prices fall on soft demand

Beijing (JLC), March 26, 2019--Alkylated gasoline prices remained downward recently, largely because of soft demand.

3-26-2019 18:03:45

Sinopec’s net profits up 20.2% in 2018

Beijing (JLC), March 26, 2019--Sinopec’s turnover and other operating revenues totaled CNY2,890 billion in 2018, covering CNY61.6 billion of net profits, a rise of 20.2% year on year, acco

3-26-2019 16:44:13

Refiners to transform MTBE units

Beijing (JLC), March 26, 2019--With China promoting ethanol gasoline, MTBE will no longer be the feedstock for gasoline blending. Hence it is necessary to transform the MTBE industry, as wel

3-26-2019 16:20:09

China finds way out for biodiesel

Beijing (JLC), March 26, 2019--China will work out clear plans, reduce tax and set up demonstration areas, as well as introduce supporting polices to promote the use of biodiesel.

3-26-2019 16:06:25

Smuggled oil makes continued impact on coastal markets

Smuggled refined oil, mostly diesel, keeps arriving in China and making negative impacts on coastal refined oil markets, as demand for smuggled products remains amid relatively low prices.

3-26-2019 15:44:36

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