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Shanghai section bar market remains weak amid high inventory

Shandong (JLC), March 26, 2019--​Shanghai section bar market was lackluster recently mainly due to high inventory as well as weak demand and low profits.

3-26-2019 08:37:54

China iron ore supply tightens amid slipped cargo arrivals

Shandong (JLC), March 19, 2019--​Domestic iron ore supply dropped in March, largely due to falls in cargo arrivals as well as low run rate.

3-19-2019 17:21:04

Hot-rolled coil prices to correct at highs

Shandong (JLC), March 14, 2019--​Hot-rolled coil prices are likely to move at high levels in late March affected by rallied demand, rises in steel mills’ EXW prices and falling inventory

3-14-2019 10:57:56

Section bar prices to move sideways amid bearish factors

Shandong (JLC), March 12, 2019--​Domestic section bar prices are likely to correct at low levels in the short run amid waning demand, falling feedstock prices and the two sessions.

3-12-2019 09:25:43

Port iron ore inventory rises in February

Iron ore inventory at China’s main ports extended gains in February amid high buying interest of steel mills and more cargo arrivals.

3-7-2019 11:55:06

Iron ore supply rises, demand unimproved

Shandong (JLC), February 26, 2019--​Iron ore supply increased in the week ended February 22 amid rallied run rate and rising cargo arrivals, but demand kept subdued amid unimproved run rat

2-26-2019 14:52:19

Section bar market to rally in March

Shandong (JLC), February 21, 2019--​Section bar prices will pick up in March 2019 amid rising demand as construction projects will increase.

2-21-2019 08:46:01

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