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The 100,000mt/yr coal-based MEG project at Yanchang Petroleum to start up in June 2019

Up to now, Yanchang Petroleum Refining & Chemical (hereafter refered to as Yanchang Petroleum for short) had finished 80% constrocution work of its 100,000 mt/yr coal-based MEG project.

1-21-2019 16:10:20

Actual dealing price of compound fertilizer price declines amid bearish feedstock market

China compound fertilizer offers didn’t decline obviously except that some producers gave preferential policies and prices of some orders were negotiable. However, the dealing price declin

12-20-2018 17:52:01

Sulfur price to decline

China sulfur market price is predicted to decline in the future amid bearish factors, though it has rebounded recently.

12-14-2018 17:58:10

Operating rate in ammonium phosphate industry declines

The overall operating rate in China MAP industry has declined recently. Small-scale companies have shut units down due to the pressure caused by cost and sales, and large-scale ones have cut

12-14-2018 17:52:52

Synthetic ammonia price to inch up amid tight supply

Recently, China synthetic ammonia price has increased slightly. However, the price increase is predicted to be limited in the future amid cautious sentiment caused by weak demand.

12-14-2018 17:45:14

Melamine price plunges amid imbalanced supply-demand status

China melamine market shared similar market trend in 2017 and 2018. However, the melamine price declined from late October, and recorded a YTD low. The main reasons were the high output and

12-13-2018 17:51:23

Operating rate in compound fertilizer companies to rise

The operating rate in China compound fertilizer industry was still low in mid-December with main producers’ run rates averaging around 35%,though it showed signs of rising. However, the op

12-13-2018 17:47:44

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