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PA market to be lackluster for subdued demand

Shandong (JLC), January 18, 2019--​The domestic phthalic anhydride (PA) market will be weak with the coming Spring Festival holiday, mainly affected by the weak demand.

1-21-2019 17:07:05

The 100,000mt/yr coal-based MEG project at Yanchang Petroleum to start up in June 2019

Up to now, Yanchang Petroleum Refining & Chemical (hereafter refered to as Yanchang Petroleum for short) had finished 80% constrocution work of its 100,000 mt/yr coal-based MEG project.

1-21-2019 16:10:20

China’s new methanol projects in 2019

According to JLC, 8 million mt/yr methanol projects are predicted to be added in China from end-2018 to 2019.

1-17-2019 14:45:25

China toluene market forecast in Q1, 2019

Shandong (JLC), January 17, 2019--​In the first quarter of 2019, China toluene prices will possibly rebound after hitting bottom then move sideways, affected by crude market and the upcomi

1-17-2019 14:13:50

S.China toluene, MX prices eye uptrend on bullish factors

Shandong (JLC), January 17, 2019--​South China toluene and MX prices rebounded fast from last week (Jan 7-Jan 13) due to upward crude prices, increases in East China aromatics market and r

1-17-2019 14:05:48

China Jan benzene market is expected to soften

Shandong (JLC), January 8, 2019--​China benzene market will be weak in January amid sufficient supply but unimproved demand.

1-8-2019 17:35:51

Fuhaichuang’s PX unit resumes operation on Dec 26

Shandong (JLC), January 7, 2019--​Fuhaichuang Petrochemical’s one 800,000 mt/yr PX unit restarted and produced qualified products on December 26, 2018. The restart of the other 800,000 m

1-7-2019 16:21:16

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