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JLC Houston Energy Conference opens up a new pattern of Sino-US oil and gas trade

JLC December 13 , 2017 Helen Niu



    On December 12th 2017, in Houston U.S., a dialogue on the future development of energy in China, U.S. and even the rest of the world was staged. JLC, China leading provider of integrated transaction solutions for bulk commodities, from Beijing to Houston, presented China energy market information to U.S. Petroleum City!



    In 2017, China's crude oil import volume is expected to reach 420 million mt, and it has been the world's largest oil importer. Under the strong demand, the space for development of the clean energy and natural gas market will be huge. In U.S., in which country the shale oil and shale gas lead energy revolutions, is also changing the global energy structure. Therefore, the theme of "Forward-Looking Dialogue on Sino-US Oil and Gas Trade Development" had attracted the attention of many energy giants around the world. ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Total, SK, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum, Vito, Trafigura, Petrobras, Italia Enichem, Philips 66, Mitsui and more than 200 world-renowned energy enterprwases were present to jointly explore new developments, new opportunities and new trends in the energy market in U.S. and China.



    Mr. Huang Haixin, chairman of JLC, visited the scene and exchanged ideas with attendees on JLC’s service content and concept of deepening the research on China energy market and the global energy market status. Crystal, the host of the conference and director of JLC Singapore, started the conference with the theme of "Bringing the Chinese Market Information to the World and Bringing More Trade Opportunities to China", arousing great interest from the participants.



    China's growing demand for crude oil and refined oil production increase, huge space for the development of China's natural gas market, making China's oil and gas trade more active day by day, will inevitably change the status of oil and gas trade between China and U.S.. Ms. Zhao Lei, general manager of JLC International Department and the manager Su Shengxiang respectively, taking the "Market-Oriented China's Petroleum Industry’s Investment and Trade Opportunities," and "Unprecedented Liberalization Of China's Natural Gas Market Investment Environment and Investment Opportunities Outlook" as the main line, described the layout of the global crude oil market and trade opportunities with China, China's refined products’ supply and demand structure evolution, investment risks and opportunities in China's petroleum industry under the policy orientation, the consumption structure of China natural gas, investment opportunities and risks in China's natural gas industry.



    The development of the world energy market can hardly be done without U.S. and China and the independent refineries were also playing the important role in China energy market. General manager of Sunshine Oil (S) Pte Ltd, delivered the keynote speech "From Hedging to Promoting, Deeply Analyzing the Rise of Three Independent Refinery Forces in China", from the development history, the corporate culture and decision-making mechanisms of independent refineries in China, to the impact of the rise of big data on China's energy sector, elaborating on the trade opportunities and changes in the international energy sector that China's independent refineries will create in the future.



    The development of China energy market aroused the concern of many energy companies in U.S.. At the roundtable forum, the participants exchanged their views on the development of China's energy market with Zhao Lei, and Senior Manager Li Fenglian of JLC Consulting Center. The participants were generally accepted for the trading opportunities provided by China's crude oil demand and refined products supply to international energy companies, and in addition to paying attention to market focus on crude oil import quota and refined products export quota of China independent refineries, the promotion of ethanol gasoline, the import of mixed aromatics and the reform of natural gas were also the hot topics for the participants to consult JLC.



    The Sino-US Oil and Gas Trade Dialogue Conference had enabled more international energy companies to learn more about China's energy market and understand JLC. The successful convening of this event also marked the deepening of internationalization services of JLC and demonstrated the recognition of the international oil and gas enterprises for the integration of resources and bridge construction of JLC. JLC will provide a full range of professional services for domestic and foreign energy companies to develop the Chinese market. Sino-US leads the oil and gas trade in the world, JLC Houston Conference created a new pattern of Sino-US oil and gas trade!

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